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Accuracy, reliability and speed


Accurate and fast medical laboratory services with qualified staff   uses the latest and most accurate technology.


Our goal is to become the leading and first chain of medical laboratories in the Arab Republic of Egypt within 5 years, not only in terms of the volume of work but also in the quality of the services we provide.

About Speed Factor​

When you see a doctor about any medical issue, you are often concerned and want to know the actual diagnosis of your condition as accurately and quickly as possible. When the doctor asks you to perform specific medical tests, this may take between 24 - 72 hours or more, which forces many patients to wait, turmoil and worry for several days. In some cases, the waiting time may even be long. We at Speed Lab are committed to providing most of the laboratory results in less than 3 hours, through a smart phone application or through the website under the supervision of the best professors of Egyptian universities.

نبذة عن معامل سبيد

Establishing a quality management system in Speed Lab laboratories and its full application that ensures good performance and continuous efficiency of the analytical processes inside the laboratories. The quality management system in Speed Lab laboratories consists of quality control activities in order to meet quality requirements, and quality assurance programs and procedures that focus on giving assurance and confidence that all quality requirements will be met and met.

The continuous improvement of the quality system in the laboratories and laboratories of Speed Lab is one of the most important elements of quality assurance for these laboratories. Continuous improvement of the quality system in the laboratory is an important requirement to maintain the level of quality that has been achieved, and to avoid a gradual move towards a decline in the level of performance as a result of getting used to and repetition of operations and activities.


Quality application policy

سياسة الجودة
لماذا معامل سبيد

Why the speed parameter?​


Zero % error rate

Ranging from 0 - ., .1%  unlike most labs that have an error rate of 0.92%

The reason is that  Speed Lab does not transfer samples from one branch to another, which reduces the risk of sample mixing or contamination, in addition to our use of the latest and best technology.

Sample transfer time


It is zero minutes, unlike most labs, where the time taken to transfer samples to begin analysis ranges between 5-24 hours, in order to deliver them to the main branches.

The reason is that all Speed Lab branches are equipped with the necessary equipment to conduct analyzes and tests, contrary to the common practice, which is to collect samples in the branches and send them to the main branch to be analyzed.

The time period for announcing the results


Ranging between 0.01 seconds through the smart phone application available to doctors and patients, unlike most labs, where the time for announcing the results ranges between 12-36 hours.

And the reason is due to   Speed Lab always uses the latest and most advanced technologies to send the results of analyzes attached to historical data, to smart phones of doctors and patients, whether they are running Apple, Android or Windows.

Time to complete the analysis


Ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours for 80% of all test results, including quantitative testing (PCR). In contrast to most labs whose analysis period ranges from 8-72 hours 

The reason is that  All Speed Lab branches are equipped with the necessary equipment to conduct analyzes and tests.

فريق العمل

Founders of Speed Lab

We are a team of doctors and engineers who share the responsibility of running Speed Lab, based on our conviction that 70% of the treating physician's decisions are predicted, confirmed or documented by clinical test results.

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Cairo and Giza


Dr. Center Branch. Sobhi Apoluz

 43 Cleopatra Street - Inside Prof. Dr. Sobhy Abu Louz Center

Saint Fatima Branch

   Building 143 St. Fatima Square - next to the Red Church 

Qanatir Charity

4 Street disturbed, second floor, next to Azmy Saida

Elite Center Branch

 45 Al-Thawra Street -
In front of Almaza Central - inside Elite Center

Speed Clinics Branch 2

141 Cleopatra Street - Heliopolis

Inside Speed Clinics   

Community Care Center Branch

3  Al-Tabib Street, off Akhnaton Street, behind a Saudi supermarket, inside a radiology care center

Speed Clinics Branch 1

22 Nehru Street behind Maryland inside Speed Clinics
Ground Floor - Roxy.

Fifth Settlement Branch

City Plaza Mall, next to a Saudi supermarket
 second floor  11

Heliopolis branch

25 Othman Ibn Affan Street, Salah El Din Square, Heliopolis, Cairo

Safwat Golf Branch

25 Mohamed El Mahdi Street, off

Abdullah Diraz Street, behind Almaza Central

Obour Branch

Sadat Axis - Pearl Center - next to Al-Hejaz Center -
 Floor 2 - Number 9

Shubra Egyptbranch

Building No. 59 Shubra Street - Fourth Floor

Shubra El-KheimaBranch

1 Street  Al-Wahda branched from May 15th, next to the Doctors Tower, above Morris Studio, 4th floor


1 Building 1, Al-Fayoumi Street, third floor

Branch Maadi

El-Nasr St., Al-Basateen Al-Gharbia, Al-Basateen

Mohandessin branch

42 Street  Abdel Moneim Riad, second floor, next to the Court Tower

Nabd Alhayat Branch

98 Gizerat Alarab Street, Agouza,  Mohandessin

Abbasiya branch

  385 Ramses Street - Abbasiya - Second Floor - Flat_ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 9
Next to Dar Al Shifa Hospital

Helmeyet Al-Zaytoun Branch

 81 Selim Al Awal Street - Al Fahim Tower - First Floor
 above Mohamed Fahim Pharmacy.

Alf Maskan Branch

100 A Al Safwa Tower, Gesr El Suez, second floor

Zamalek branch

15 Saraya Al-Jazira Street inside Al-Jazira Club - Zamalek

 10th District Branch

 6 Mohamed Mahdi Arafa Street, Block 1 - Nasr City

Dokki branch

97 Street Tahrir Dokki - Giza

Matariya Branch

Northern Princedom, Cairo Governorate

Helmeya branch

81 Selim Al Awal Street - Helmeya Square, Al Fahim Tower, third floor

Alexandria and Beheira


Abbas El Akkad Branch

65 Abbas El-Akkad St. - Abbas El-Akkad intersection with Mustafa El-Nahhas


Faisal Plaza Tower, corner of Eid Mustafa Street with King Faisal Street and Club Street

Ain Shams Branch

Building 83 Ain Shams Street - First Floor

Mohandessin branch

55 Street  Abdel Moneim Riad, 12th floor, Doctors Tower

6th of October Branch

 32  First District - Central Axis - Fourth Floor - in front of Gad Restaurant

Manial Branch

56 El-Manial St., next to Banque Misr - El-Manial

Muharram Bek Branch

 Building 73 Muharram Bey Main Street - above Dahab Pizza

Smouha Branch 2

 24 El Shaheed Kamal El Din Salah St. - Inside Medina Hospital Smouha

Kafr El Dawar Branch

Zamzam Tower, entrance 1, Ahmed Orabi Street, third floor, entrance to the administrative prosecution

Delta  &  Upper Egypt Branches

Smouha Branch

40 Fawzy Moaz intersection with Tutankhamun inside the city clinics complex

Miami branch

 125 Bekbashi Al-Ayousi Street-Miami-inside Alex Scan Center 

Damanhour Branch

2 Ahmed Orabi Street - Raj Al-Kanafani - First Floor

Al Busaili Branch

Al Mahatta Street

Mustafa Kamel Branch

398 Al-Hurriya Road - Mustafa Kamel, next to Faisal Islamic Bank

Agami branch

 Abu Rawiya Building, second floor, Hannoville Street - above Abu Rawaya Grills 

Raml Station Branch

3 Abu Al-Yusr Street - Saad Zaghloul Square - above Café de la Pêche - Raml Station

Victoria Branch

 Building 22 Al-Galaa Street, Mina Star Victoria Tower- above the floor  - third floor

Rashid Branch

 Rasheed (Rosetta) - Al Sagha Street

Abu Hammad Branch

Abu Hammad 39 Army Street, second floor, next to Zaitoun Pharmacy

Tanta branch

Army Street in front of the University Hospital

Ashmoun Branch

Second floor, Saad Zaghloul Street, in front of Banque Misr - Ashmoun

Suez Branch

Building No. 7 Shaddad Alley - Kafr Odeh - Al-Arbaeen Section

Assiut branch

Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Tower   Entrance "A" - Above Koshary Galal Al-Homsani - in front of the station 


Jordan branch

Jordanian Mall, Amman, next to the Syndicate of Engineers, entrance A

Mit Ghamr Branch 

Seventh floor, Army Street - Mit Ghamr

Shebin El-Koum Branch

76 Jamal Abdel Nasser Street, Al Zahra Tower, fifth floor

Ismailia branch

Ahmed Salem Street - Block 5 - Ghoneim Tower - Second Floor

Minya branch

22 Army Street, Al-Saah Square - West Al-Mabarrah - in front of Raya Market

Faqous Branch

The first Faqous road - the intersection of Kafr El Hout

Mansoura branch

First Banque Misr St., next to Rakhawy Radiology

Zefta branch

Abu Al-Hasayeb Street, first floor

Baraket El-Sabaa Branch

Sixth floor, Abdel Moneim Riad Street, Al Senussi Building

Beni Suef Branch

Islam St. - in front of Al-Zahraa Tower


Zagazig branch

3 Al-Khashab Street - behind Al-Mabra Hospital - in front of Buffalo Burger

New Damietta Branch

Mahjoub Street, First District - Third Neighbourhood

Mahalla Branch

Talaat Harb parking lot, Doctors Tower, next to Nasser pharmacy and Walaa restaurant

Quesna Branch

Public Street, Al-Haramain Tower, third floor, in front of Al-Ahly Bank

Fayoum Branch

Al-Masala Square, Al-Bara Tower, second floor, upper floor

 Hurghada Branch 

169 Alnasr St. Above the Holy book store  

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