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About Speed Labs

When you visit a physician for a health issue, you are always on the edge and keen on knowing your true diagnosis in the most accurate and fast way possible. When the physician asks for specific lab tests, you are faced with the fact that your test results can take anywhere between 24-72 hours or more. This leaves many patients waiting, worrying, and wondering for days. In some cases lives are even lost. Speed Lab commits to delivering the most results in less than 3 hours, through smart phones application or website.

About Speed Labs

Precision, Reliability & Promptness

Precise and fast Lab services through highly qualified staff and the latest technology.

To be the leading Medical Lab Chain in Egypt within 5 years, not only in terms of volume, but by the quality of service delivered.


Quality Policy

Establishing and applying a Quality Management System at SpeedLab, guarantees good performance, and continuous improvement for the testing and analysis process. SpeedLab's Quality Management System, consists of Quality Control activities to fulfill quality requirements, as well as Quality Assurance processes, procedures, and program leading to reliability to all quality aspects would be applied and committed to.

Contentious improvement at SpeedLab is one of the assurance pillars and corners stones of the branches. A it is must, to maintain achieved quality standards, and avoid gradual decline in level of performance

Quality Policy
Why Speed Labs

Why Speed Labs ?


Test Result Error


IIn speed labs the test results error factors cannot exceed 0.1%, while in any other lab it could reach up to 0.92%.

The reason behind this is that Speed Lab does not transport samples from branch to branch unlike the common practice; thus eliminating the risk of sample mixing or contamination. We utilize the most precise, state-of-the-art equipment.


Sample Transportation Time

IIn speed lab there is no sample transport time, while the in any other lab the average timimg is in between 5-24 hours to transport samples to the main branch.

The reason behind this is that Speed Lab equipment is present in every single branch. The common practice to only collect samples in branches and dispatch them to the main branch to be processed.

Tests Results Delivery Time

IIn speed labs the test result deivery time is 0.01 second by the means of smart phones application to patients and physicians, while the normal time in any other lab is in between 12-36 hours.

The reason behind this is that Speed Lab uses the most advanced technology to deliver tests results with full historical data to the smart phones of both physicians and patients; Whether the OS is Apple, Android or Windows Mobile.


Sample Processing


IIn speed labs the average sample processing time isi in between 20 minutes to 3 hours for 80% of all test results, including Quantitative Virus (PCR). Rather than the normal labs which take 8-72 hours.

The reason behind this is that Speed Lab equipment is present in every single branch. The common practice to only collect samples in branches and dispatch them to the main branch to be processed.

Speedlabs Team Work

Speed Labs Team Work

 We are a team of physicians and engineers who partnered to form the Speed Lab management team. We are driven by the belief that 70% of clinical medicine decision-making is established, confirmed or documented by medical laboratory test results.

Contact Us

Contact Us  19358

From Out of Egypt   +20224184848 +20224184949

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Heliopolis Branch

25th othman Ibn Affan Street,

Meedan Salah Eldin, Heliopolis, Cairo

Speed Clinic Branch  

22 Nehru street, ground floor

Behind Meryland , Roxy, Cairo

Elite Center Branch

45 Thawra street, Infront of

Almaza Central

Dr. Sobhi Abolouz Centre

43  Cleopatra Strreet, first floor, Heliopolis, Cairo

Nasr City Branch

6th mohamed awad street, off makram ebied, nasr city, cairo

ENT branch

133 hassan al maamoun Street , infront of Al Ahly Club,

Nasr City, Cairo

My Clinic Branch

32 Rashid street from Othman Ebn Affan strret, Heliopolis,

Cairo, In my clinic centre

Eyes Capital Center


street, infront of Al Ahly club, Nasr city, Cairo

Obour City Branch

First district, loloah center, flat #9, obour city, cairo

Shubra Alkhiema Branch

15 El Katan Tower, 15 may street, Inside Tabarak Hospital

Faisel Branch

Tabarak hospital in the intersection of Faisal & Mariotyea 

Mohandseen Branch

42 Abdul Moneim Riad, next to almahkama tower

Abassia Branch

385 Ramsis street, second floor, apartment 9.

in front of El Shefaa Hospital

Mansoura  Branch

Hussein beih street, Abo El hassan Tower, 7th floor

New CairoBranch  

City Plaza Center off 90th road axis, Fifth settlement,

New Cairo, Cairo

Shubra Misr

16 El Dawletein street, El khalafawy square, beside KFC, El Khalafawy Eyes Center

Helmeya Branch

18th seleim alawel, fahim tower, helmeya, cairo

Dr. Emad Ebid Center Branch

43 Degla Street, off Gamet El dewal, 1st floor, Mohandeseen, Giza

El Shorouk Branch

Grand Mall, behind Total station, 1st floor

Samanoud  Branch

El Nahaas square, Zayed tower, 9th floor

Re3aya center Branch 5th settlement 

 3 El Tayeb street off Akhnaton street behind Seoudi supermarket

Katameya Branch

Alrahma Hospital, madinat abdulrahman beside al said club

Clinic Maadi Branch

57 Maadi towers, inside Clinica centre, Maadi, Cairo

Millenium Center Branch

54 Abdul Moneim Riad street, infront of El Atebaa tower

6 October Branch

32 first settlement , El Mehwar El Markazy, 4th floor, infont of Gad,

October, Giza

Shubra Alkhiema Branch

1 Alwehda Street off 15 may street , 4th floor, up Morris studio next to doctors tower

Alkanater Branch

Zazaa Street next to azmy pharmacy

Mohandseen Branch

55 Abdul Moneim Riad strret, 12th floor, Atebaa Tower

Ramsis Branch

38 Ramsis street, 5th floor, infront of El tawen, up Rushdi Pharmacy

Re3aya October Branch

Legend compound, 2nd floor, entrance 2, infront of Zayed Specialized Hospital

Dekernis  Branch

El Orouba street, Tahrir tower, in front of  the police station, Up Vodafone,

Now in Sudan:

ElKahrtoum Branch :

Al Ta2ef , intersection with El Nakhil El Sharky, south Housh El Samak

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